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The Druids

Druids Charity Club is itself a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization consisting of a coalition of like-minded folks who were raised in Montgomery. While a sense of duty regarding the need to give back to the community we love had been simmering for some time, that sentiment was galvanized with a renewed sense of purpose when our good friend Wyatt Smith became sick with cancer. Wyatt isn’t with us in this world anymore, but his spirit lives on every time we enjoy some of the things that truly made him happiest: music, good eating, and doing right by others.   

     The late father of one of our founding members had previously started a group known as The Druids, whose goals were different (as described in the History of The Druids), but offered an opportunity to form a connection between generations.  And thus, The Druids were rekindled.

The Druids

In 1980, John C. Sullivan, Jr decided that the city of Montgomery needed more trees in its public parks.  With the desire in mind to beautify his town, he decided to create a volunteer corps of interested friends to anonymously donate and secretly plant a tree or two each year in the city.  John decided to name this group The Druids Society, in reference to the ancient Celtic group known for their love of nature and specifically their connection with the live oak tree, his favorite species.  "The Druids" gathered for around 15 years with the prideful goal of tree planting and frivolity; more than 10 city parks benefited from this benevolence.  With each year the trees grow older and more ingrained into the landscape of Montgomery.   The select few that were privileged to be a part of this organization are still able to pass these inconspicuous, yet beautiful, trees and cherish the memories created by each one planted.  John has since passed, but his spirit of benevolence (and sometimes mischief) lives on in a new generation of current and former Montgomery residents. When looking for inspiration for their charitable arm to rally around, this group, which includes John's son John C. Sullivan, III, looked no further than the legacy of John C. Sullivan. This 'group,' hereafter known as the "Druids," revived this former tradition and have made it their own, as they work to give back to the city they love.   

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