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Do I Get Anything with the Purchase of a General Admission Ticket?

Other than a Great Time, No.  General Admission Tickets includes the cost of access to the venue only.  Food and Drinks are sold separately.

Where Can I Park?

We have reserved the parking lot on Commerce Street for our event attendees.   Parking is free but is available on a first come basis.

Can I leave and come back?

Absolutely... As long as you have your wristband.

Will you have seating?

While we provide an abundance of seating, feel free to bring your personal small camping style collapsible chairs.   We do ask that you are mindful of maintaining safe pedestrian traffic flow and please be considerate of other festival goers.

Are Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed.  

What are you doing about the Heat?

It's August in Montgomery, so it's Hot.   The shade provided by the Trainshed helps tremendously.   We have also secured as many fans as we could to help move air.   In addition, we provide free ice water.   You are also allowed to bring in a small collapsible cooler filled with factory sealed waters and ice if you prefer.   

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