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Smiling Teenage Boy


"Devontae" was a healthy teenage boy who loved playing football until one day last April, when he started having problems with his balance.  His parents took him to the doctor, and nothing was found to explain it, but antibiotics were prescribed in case of an inner ear infection.  A few days later, his speech became garbled and hard to understand.  A week later, the family was here at Children’s, because he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He started daily radiation, and later chemo, but unfortunately these treatments had little effect.  Unfortunately Devontae succumbed to his cancer; his mother had left her job to be with her son and his father was disabled.  Their savings were spent on insurance co-pays and rental of a handicapped van.   Grieving for their son, their son, they were faced with the realization that they did not have the money to pay for his funeral.  Hogs for the Cause assisted the family with funeral expenses.  “Thank you so much for helping with our baby’s final expenses,” the mother stated when told that Hogs for the Cause would assist.  “This was the last thing we ever thought we would need.” 


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